The Walter Leica Noctilock is a Leica-inspired solid brass padlock for your camera bags

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The Noctilock comes from Walter Leica, a fairly prolific creator of Leica accessories. Typically, those accessories are to help the usability and safety of Leica cameras & lenses to improve the photographer’s overall shooting experience. Accessories like corrective eyepieces, high contrast lenses, straps, cases and memory card holders.

But he does occasionally dip out a little into Leica inspired fashion accessories and art pieces. His latest creation is, as you might’ve guessed, the Noctilock. It’s a hand made solid brass padlock designed to resemble a Leica camera.

The Noctilock is being produced as a limited edition, although he doesn’t state how many that production is limited to. As they’re all hand made by Walter himself, though, I can’t imagine it will be a huge number. As a result of each one being handmade, each one is also unique. So, if you get one, nobody else out there will have one exactly like yours.

Each lock has three dials to enter in your code, and then the “lens” swivels to set the combination and open the lock. Ideal for keeping your camera bag contents safe, although I probably wouldn’t use it on your suitcase. I don’t imagine this is TSA approved, so don’t take that chance.

Each Noctilock costs $138 which includes DHL shipping. There’s no mention whether or not that’s worldwide nor if you get a savings if you buy more than one together. But you can drop Walter a message through his website to find out more and order your own.

[via Steve Huff]

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