2 Little-Known Filters to Remove White Edges (Fringing) from Cut-Outs in Photoshop

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove white edges or fringes from cut-outs in Photoshop!

Fringing, the white edges, or halos, around your selections, could be very distracting and could ruin a good composite.

I’m going to show you two filters designed to specifically work with masks and selections.

They are quite powerful, and you can use them to remove fringes on your cut-outs.

The vast majority of Photoshop users are unaware that these filters exist. I’m pretty sure that this video will show you new tools and techniques to enhance your Photoshop masking skills!

We will work with three examples, and I will show you how you can apply these filters to different situations and the advantages of using these filters over other methods of similar methods.

? INDEX – Remove Fringing From Masks in Photoshop

01:06 – The Maximum & Minimum Filters
04:34 – Selectively Targeting The Maximum & Minimum Filters
06:45 – Applying The Maximum & Minimum Filters to Selections
11:22 – What he Maximum & Minimum Filters Do To Pixel Layers


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