Godox Flash Firmware Updates Bring Support for Canon’s Crippled Cameras

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Canon upset photographers recently after it was discovered that its latest entry-level DSLR cameras lack the standard center hotshoe pin common on cameras, making them incompatible with many affordable 3rd-party flashes. But there’s good news: Godox has responded by releasing firmware updates that fix this issue.

Photographer Michael Andrew (AKA Michael the Maven) first alerted the photography community to this issue on April 24th:

Andrew found that in cameras such as the Canon EOS Rebel T7 (AKA 1500D/2000D/Kiss X90), EOS Rebel T100 (AKA 3000D/4000D), and EOS Rebel SL3 (AKA 250D/Kiss X10), Canon has quietly removed the center pin that cameras across all brands use to trigger flashes — a pin that allows any compatible flash, regardless of brand, to be used on any compatible camera (at least in manual mode).

On April 29th, just 5 days after Andrew’s video came out, Godox announced new firmware updates for the V860IIC, X1T-C, TT350C, and V350C that make them compatible with Canon’s center-pin-less hotshoes.

The update notes list the T7 and T100 as newly compatible cameras, but Godox notes that the fix applies to “[compatibility] problems of new cameras,” so presumably the SL3 and future models are now supported as well.

To get your flash updated and compatible, visit the Godox downloads page and download the new firmware for it.

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