Level up your DJI Pocket Osmo videos with these three cinematic Hollywood shots

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The DJI Osmo Pocket is tiny, but powerful 3-axis motorized gimbal. With 4K 60fps video capabilities and its small size, it can come in handy in many situations. In this video, Josh Yeo shows you three Hollywood-style cinematic shots that will help you level up your videos with DJI Osmo Pocket.

As I mentioned, the Osmo Pocket is small and lightweight. In addition, you can attach it to your smartphone and control the camera and the roll, tilt, and pan remotely. Add a smartphone extension cable, and you’ll be able to control the gimbal from a larger distance. This is exactly what you need for these three cinematic shots.

Mount your Osmo Pocket onto a boom pole (or a “broom pole”), a monopod, or even a 2×4 lumber. Add the smartphone to the other end, and connect them with the extension cable. This is your setup, and now it’s time for some creative shots.

1. Camera crane shot

The first shot Josh demonstrates resembles a camera crane shot. The Osmo Pocket is placed at the top position while you hold the boom pole on the other end. As you move the gimbal downwards, you control the camera with your smartphone and move it upwards at the same time.

2. Technocrane shot

With the “technocrane shot,” you can telescope out and over objects. Since the Osmo Pocket is tiny, you can even slide it through objects and get an interesting effect.

3. The Atlanta Transition

The final shot is called “The Atlanta Transition” and I think it looks really cool. The idea is to have a start and an end point along the same line (a fence, a wall and the like). First, lock the camera on FPV mode. Then, find a few locations where you’ll create an arc with your gimbal, making sure to use the same speed and acceleration for all of them. Finally, bring everything together in post, and you’ll have some interesting transitions.

A the end of the video, you can see how Josh used these shots for a client real estate video he recently filmed. He didn’t use the last one because it wasn’t something his client would like, it but still, it’s a cool stylized shot that can be great for, say, travel videos, music videos or all kinds of b-roll. Just a few ideas.

[Take your DJI OSMO POCKET footage to another level. via ISO1200]

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