Martin Parr talks with legendary Magnum street photographer Bruce Gilden about his life and work

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Photographer interviews can often be quite insightful. Especially so when that photographer is a world-renowned Magnum street photographer like Bruce Gilden. And then even more so when the person asking the questions is the equally iconic, and also a Magnum photographer, Martin Parr.

Martin’s been doing a series of “Sofa Sessions” interviews with photographers recently on the Martin Parr Foundation YouTube channel. In this third one, Martin sits and talks with Bruce about his work and journey through photography from its very beginning. It’s a fascinating watch.

Bruce talks about how he started in photography, and why he had no other choice. He talks about his inspiration, engaging with his subjects and how he finally landed on that in-your-face flash style of street photography and street portraits he’s become famous for.

Bruce’s work is instantly recognisable to anybody that followed it over the years. And while not all will agree with his methods, he certainly does produce some interesting and excellent results.

His street photography with flash is particularly unique and easy to spot. Few others can get away with this kind of a technique.

You can see more of Bruce’s work on his website and Instagram. And you can see Martin’s work on his website.

[via PDNPulse]

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