Camtraptions Launches a New Housing for Timelapses and Camera Traps

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Camtraptions has unveiled a new weatherproof camera housing that’s designed for time-lapse, remote-control, and camera trap applications. It’s a universal housing that’s designed to fit a wide range of camera and lens combinations while providing convenient access to the gear within.

“Prior to this, photographers had to build their own weather-sealed housings or get an expensive bespoke housing to fit one camera size and lens length,” Camtraptions founder Will Burrard-Lucas tells PetaPixel.

The housing is made of strong molded plastic and features weatherproof seals that completely protects camera gear from rain, humidity, and the elements. Cameras of all sizes, from small compact cameras to large DSLRs in the style of the Canon 1D X or Nikon D5, can fit inside the housing.

On the front is a screw-in lens tube system that photographers can swap in and out to use lenses of different sizes and lengths — there are currently four lengths (25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm) available.

The tube features a peak that shades the front of the lens from sun and rain, and a high-quality glass window helps protect your lens with minimal effect on image quality.

When you need to access your camera, you can do so through the back door that’s held closed by two quick-release catches. When you know you won’t need to access your camera, you can reinforce the catches using cable ties or even a padlock to keep your gear secure.

To get to your batteries and memory cards, or to adjust your camera settings, you can slide the camera base plate out of the housing.

There are tripod sockets on both the bottom and the side of the housing, allowing you to leave your camera in both landscape or portrait orientation. Dual tripod screw sockets are available to help prevent the housing from twisting while deployed.

With the 25mm lens tube attached, the entire housing weighs 4.85 pounds (2.2kg).

“I have been using this new camera housing in my projects for almost a year and it has revolutionized my camera trap workflow,” says Burrard-Lucas, who’s well-known for his camera trap wildlife photos. “Setting up new traps and accessing the camera is now a breeze!”

The new Camtraptions camera housing is available from the company’s website with a price tag of £145 (~$186).

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