This week in Editors’ Choice: Metallic hues, moody models, and plays on reflection

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Each week, members of the 500px team curate eye-catching photography from our talented and diverse community in Editors’ Choice. In this week’s selections, you’ll find metallic hues, moody models, and plays on reflection. Check out this week’s roundup of some of the most intriguing photography on 500px, handpicked by our Editors.

SPEKCKLED INFINITY by Povilas Vaketis on

Warming Up by Dylan Furst on

???? by Marat Safin on

African sunset by Johann Trojer on

Untitled by Czar.hang  on

Orange Dream by Jovana Rikalo on

Untitled by Joe Wood on

?? by ????  on

Li-Ann Smal by Alex Hutchinson on

Charleen&Val by Alexandre Marques on

Red Coton by Jim Martin on

Colour Waves by Juergen A[R]T on

Hailey by Michael Pierre-Louis on

Just a little bit closer by Carlos M. Almagro on

Untitled by Iwona Brukwi?ska on

Nivolet Pass in Autumn Colors by Federico Ravassard on

Soho photo session by Florencia Saavedra on

*** by Bussardel'  on

Footbridge by Marius Kaste?kas on

Speedy Skippy by Irca & Jacky K. on

Time and Place by Andrew Curry on

the empty room by Dorota Górecka on

Tennis girl by Kristina Makeeva on

valerie by Patric Shaw on

Group of friends spending time togeher in New york city by Cristian Negroni on

Phoenix Rises ! by Sunil  on

Sensations by Johan Eickmeyer on

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