This clever cube turns any bag into a camera bag

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There are many photography bags. Just go out and try to have your pick, you’ll be at awe. I think that choosing your first camera bag can be an overwhelming decision for the new photographer. (More experianmced photographers don’t choose a photography bag, they buy them all).

This is where something like the new Stash Master 13L from Mindshift gear can help. You can keep your old (non-photography) bag and eat it too. Essentially the Stash Master is a padded cube with a zipper on top. It’s kinda the right size to fit in almost any bag and convert it into a camera carrying device.

I’ve been using a similar solution from F-Stop gear for a long while now. Instead of taking a heavy photography roller, I am using two f-stop – Shallow Small ICU units inside a super-light Samsonite Prodigy.

But Stash Master is not limiter to carry-ons. It will fit in any standard backpack. And if you do not need any camera specific features, like quick access, it can be a great solution for keeping your current backpack until you find that holy grail of the perfect photography bag. (trust me, there is none. you’ll just keep buying more and more bags. and you are going to love it too).

Here are some options as to how to stuff the Stash Master

The Stash Master 13L will set you back 59.99 over at B&H or Amazon and should start shipping on the 25th.

[MindShift Gear Stash Master 13L | MindShift Gear]

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