Alter RFS: A Hinged Lens Filter Adapter That Swings Out of the Way

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Want to “turn a circular lens filter on and off” without having to screw and unscrew it from your lens? The new Alter RFS (Rapid Filter System) is a family of adapters that helps you do that. They’re touted as the “first hinged lens filter adapters.”

Instead of screwing a lens filter directly to your lens’ filter thread, you screw the RFS adapter on instead and then screw the lens filter to the adapter. Whenever your filter isn’t needed, simply swing it out and away to give your lens a filter-less view.

The adjustable-friction 270-degree hinge on the adapter ensures that the filter stays out of the way even if you find yourself swinging your camera around.

The adapter’s orientation can be adjusted to allow filters to swing out in different directions, useful for if certain sides are obstructed (e.g. by an accessory mounted to the hot shoe).

An “integrated light shield” along the edges of the adapter helps to ensure zero light leaks while filters are being used, and magnets are used to keep the adapter securely closed.

The milled anodized aerospace aluminum adapters will be available in every filter size ranging from 40.5mm to 105mm.

In addition to the standard RFS adapters, Alter has also created RFS+ adapters that feature an integrated step-up.

Alter is launching the Rapid Filter System through a Kickstarter campaign.

The adapters will have an average retail price of $79, but crowdfunding backers will be able to get theirs for up to 25% off if the company succeeds at bringing the product to market (with an estimated delivery date for backers in September 2019).

Alter RFS: Rapid Filter System [Kickstarter via SLR Lounge]

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