Yongnuo just released an autofocus Canon EF to Sony E mount adapter and it’s only $99

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Yongnuo has just released the EF-E II Lens Mount Adapter with autofocus for Canon EF and EF-S lenses to Sony E Mount. It’s equipped with a USB socket for firmware updates, supports both phase and contrast detection autofocus, it supports Canon IS, too. Oh, and it’s only $99.99.

According to the description of the listing which was dded to Amazon (yup, they didn’t even announce it, just put it up for sale)…

  • allows EF/EF-S series lens or lens to be compatible with E mount Camera.
  • Equipped with USB interface to improve product performance, supports firmware upgrade and lens data analysis through USB.
  • 2 Focus Systems- With focusing system selection switch, support AF focus system and Mixed-focus system, both focusing systems require camera support for normal use.
  • Equipped with Fn function keys, it is possible to achieve more practical functions in the future. Please pay attention to the offical announcement from to get the latest information.
  • With 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom, can be installed on the tripod or other fixed bracket easily.

One particularly interesting feature of this adapter ring is that it has a function (“Fn”) button, which can be configured to perform various tasks. Or at least, it will in the future. Looking at the manual for the EF-E II adapter, though, it doesn’t appear to do anything yet. It says that functionality will be coming soon, and will require a firmware update, but not what that firmware update will allow users to do.

This is by far the cheapest EF to E mount adapter out there that allows autofocus and full electronic communication. How it’ll stand up to long-standing respected adapters like the Sigma MC-11, though, is another matter. The MC-11 wasn’t always as good as it is today. So, it’ll be interesting to see how well the Yongnuo adapter performs in comparison to where the MC-11 stands today.

If you want to get a Yongnuo EF-E II adapter of your own, then you can buy one now for only $99.99. The listing says they’re in stock, and that you should expect to get it within a couple of weeks. You can find out more about it on the Yongnuo website.

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