Here’s a Lesser-Known Photoshop Trick for Zooming Around Inside Photos


If you’re zoomed into a photo in Photoshop, popular ways to move around include holding the spacebar (and then clicking and dragging) or clicking inside the Navigator panel. But there’s a lesser-known trick that’s just as handy, and the Photoshop Training Channel explains how it works in this 2-minute video.

Basically, you can easily reposition your view within the photo at the same zoom level without having to move your mouse to the Navigator window. Simply hold the ‘H‘ key and then click and hold your left mouse button. This will cause you to temporarily zoom out and see the zoomed area as a small black box — the same box you see in the Navigator panel. You can then move the box around, and releasing the mouse button zooms into the new area.

It’s an ultra simple technique but one that’s useful to have in your mental bag of tricks. Watch the short video above to see how it works in action.

(via Photoshop Training Channel via Fstoppers)

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