You could be fined $5,000 for flying a drone anywhere in Canada

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Transport Canada recently introduced new rules for recreational drone users that could land you with fines up to $5,000. One of YouTube’s most popular Canadians, Peter McKinnon talks with drone pilot friend, Gabriel in this video about the new regulations that have come into force, and what it means for Canadian drone pilots.

[With] the new licensing system, they’ve made it so that anybody can fly a drone almost nowhere to almost nobody can fly a drone almost anywhere.

Essentially, you used to have the freedom to fly, in a few specific places. Now, you can’t fly anywhere without a license. The license is for drones weighing between 250g and 25kg. And there are two types available; basic and advanced.

The basic plan costs $10 and requires you to be 14 years or older. You need to register and mark your drone, and then pass the Small Basic Exam, a simple online test. The advanced plan is for commercial users. This also has a $10 fee but requires that you be 16 years or older. You’ll also need to register and mark your drone, but you’ll also need to pass the Small Advanced Exam, and pass a flight review.

And these rules are already in place. After June 1st, 2019 – which was a week ago – you’re required to pass these tests and get your certification before flying a drone anywhere in Canada.

If you don’t, and you fly a drone without permits, recreational pilots will be fined $1,000. If it’s deemed to be commercial use, you will face a $5,000 fine.

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