A Photographer’s Powerful Photo and Message for a Mom After Birth

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After a child is born, that newborn baby generally becomes the center of everyone’s attention. One photographer recently captured an often-overlooked moment of a mom post-birth, and her photo and the accompanying message are going viral, reaching millions around the world.

After her friend Tammy Wright of Jacksonville, Florida, gave birth to a baby boy on May 20th, photographer Alex Dovel of Alex Michele Photography shot the above photo of an exhausted Wright holding the side of her hospital bed. Dovel then shared the photo on her Facebook page with the following message:

In the hustle of the room I peered over at my friend bent over in pain. Baby had just been born and everyone was surrounding the miracle that happened before our eyes and naturally everyone was in awe of him. But I was especially in awe of her. I saw you, mama. I saw the pain in your eyes and in your face and in your body. Because this is now a new season called postpartum. We tend to forget our mamas when babies are around. We ask how baby is, what does baby need, can we hold the baby, can we buy this for the baby but… what about mama? Let us not forget the hard work she endured to carry this child AND the hard road ahead to mother and heal and feed and rest and parent her other children also. What do mamas really need? Meals dropped off, someone to watch baby so they can shower, solid childcare for her other children, house cleaners to stop by and help out. Heating pads and coffee and comfy PJs. Maybe fast food. Or a friend to fold laundry. Maybe a new movie to watch or your Netflix login. Let’s not forget the mamas. It’s just so easy to because women are incredibly strong and seem to have it all together but they need the support and the extra hands more than ever entering into that fourth trimester.

The post has since racked up over 200,000 reactions, 172,000 shares, and 17,000 comments.

“The feedback has been incredible!” Dovel tells PetaPixel. “Women around the world have been able to connect with each other on this platform to talk about a subject that is usually pushed aside!

“I’ve been featured everywhere it seems — even on my local news! It’s reached over 20 million people!”

You can find more of Dovel’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.”

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