Is DJI teasing racing drones with their new product teaser?

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I didn’t expect another new product announcement from DJI so soon after the Osmo Action, yet here we are. They’ve recently announced a new drone (that apparently nobody’s allowed to buy) and now they’ve released a new teaser for an announcement coming at some point on June 11th.

The teaser’s called “Learn to Win”, which suggests some kind of competition, and the only competition I can think of when it comes to drones is racing. And the teaser is a little reminiscent of one of those Formula 1 TV shows.

It’s interesting to see DJI taking on the racing drone market if it turns out that’s what it is. With all of the regulations coming into force around the world on drones above a certain size, it’s a logical route for them to take. It will be interesting to see whether they hit the mark for what existing drone racers expect or if DJI goes a more consumer-friendly route.

I guess we’ll find out for sure in a few hours.

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