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This two-part video series from Johnnie Behiri at Cinema5D covering the creation of the new Fujifilm GFX100 medium format digital camera has been absolutely fantastic to watch. In Part one, Johnnie met with the folks from Fuji to talk about the design and concept of the camera and the challenges faced during that process.

Now, Part 2 has been released which shows the first production run of Fuji GFX100 cameras actually being built. It’s a wonderful insight into the birth of a new camera.

The process begins by covering the bare sensor with a glass plate which keeps it clean and dust-free during the build process. It is then attached to the IBIS system, and all of the individual components are fixed into the main shell of the camera body.

The top and rear parts of the camera are all assembled separately, and then brought together for testing. After passing, they’re taken to have their grips glued on, turning them into the final retail product.

At this point, the camera still hadn’t been announced yet, so we also get to take a peek into how a launch event comes together, too.

As well as the video, Johnnie posted some more information over on the Cinema5D website, so be sure to check that out.

[via Cinema5D]

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