Phottix releases a new type of stackable light stands

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Phottix has just announced Padat Compact (300cm/118″) light stands. These all-purpose flat stackable stands are super-compact and lightweight, designed to make transport and storage easier and to take up minimal space.

There are other stackable light stands on the market, such as these by Manfrotto. However, their mechanisms differ. The Phottix Padat Compact stands feature an innovative Fast Assembly Mortise Module (FAMM). This makes them the first reverse style stands to include a stackable clip together design.

As I mentioned and as the name says, the Phottix Padat Compact comes in a compact size, which enables easy storage and transport. But other than this, we can say that it’s also modular. You can buy the stands together or separately and connect them according to your needs.

Here are the specs:

  • Maximum Height: 3,000mm (118”)
  •  Collapsed Length: 870mm
  •  Collapsed Dimension: 870x80x70mm
  •  Tube Diameters: 29.5, 26, 22.5, 19mm
  •  Footprint Diameters: 1,200mm
  •  Thread: 1/4″ Thread
  •  Stand Weight: 2,100g
  •  Supports: 5 kg

The Phottix Padat 300cm Compact Light Stands are available now from the Phottix Store for $72 per piece.

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