Size Comparison: Sigma fp vs Sony, Nikon, Canon and Panasonic

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Much has been made of the tiny new Sigma fp, officially the world’s smallest full-frame mirrorless camera as of this writing. But just how small is this thing compared to the competition from Sony, Nikon, Canon and fellow L-Mount Alliance member Panasonic?

Thanks to the folks at Camera Size, who have already added the Sigma fp and compatible L-mount lenses to their directory, we now can. Here are a two angles comparing the Sigma against the Sony a7III, Nikon Z6, Canon EOS-R and Panasonic S1.

For the top-down view, we did our best to select lenses that were similar in size and weight, although that wasn’t always possible. As you can see, the camera is significantly smaller than all of the competition, and looks downright minuscule next to the massive Panasonic S1, which actually uses the same lens mount.

There’s no doubt Sigma have done something pretty impressive with the fp. If it performs on or near the level of the competition from the rest of the group—and by all accounts, it should outperform all of them in video at least—this will be a very interesting full-frame mirrorless option indeed.

To dive deeper into either of these comparisons, click here to cycle through all of the angles comparing the Sigma fp against the Sony and Nikon, or here to do the same for the comparison with the Canon and Panasonic.

(H/T Mirrorless Rumors)

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