Explaining Bit Depth and Debunking a Common Myth


Each year, someone new comes along to try and demystify bit depth for the masses. In 2017 it was Tutvid, in 2018 Greg Benz did a great job in this article, and now StyleMyPic has created a comprehensive and easy-to-follow video that explains exactly what bit depth is, how it works, and debunks a common myth.

The breakdown gets pretty technical at times, but it’s easy to follow from start to finish. Host Sid Vasandani explains what bits are, the difference in the number of color values available in 8-bit vs 16-bit, how Photoshop doesn’t actually offer true 16-bit color, and why you probably can’t tell the difference between the two in the same image (and how color gamut can affect this).

He then goes on to tackle an important myth: Bit Depth = Better Image Quality. Turns out it doesn’t, and Vasandani does a good job of explaining why. Check out the full video up top to hear Vasandani’s full explanation. And if you like the video, you can find more like it on the StyleMyPick YouTube channel.

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