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As a portrait photographer, have you ever wondered what it’s like for your models to be in front of the camera? In this super-amusing video, Manny Ortiz and his most photographed model – his wife – walked in each other’s shoes. Manny became Diana’s model for a day, and she was the photographer, and they show us what it looks like when a photographer and a model switch roles.

For me, this video was really fun to watch. I must admit that I especially like how Diana sometimes trolls Manny, it made me laugh out loud. They both shared their impressions at the end, talking about how they felt in each other’s role. Diana says that she felt less under pressure as a photographer because no one was looking at her. However, she admits that it’s not that easy to take good photos. Manny makes it look simple when he shoots, but in reality, it’s not easy at all.

On the other hand, for Manny, it was pretty stressful to be a model. Since he’s an introvert, he says that it’s much easier for him to be behind the camera, it’s like “a safety blanket.” When he became the one everyone was looking at, he found it intimidating and it gave him anxiety.

While this video is really fun, it can also help us see things from a different perspective. It can show models that taking good photos isn’t just “pressing the shutter.” At the same time, photographers can feel what it’s like to be in the spotlight and realize that modeling isn’t a piece of cake either. So, perhaps this could be a good exercise to do every once in a while.

Have you ever tried switching roles with your models?

[Photographer & Model SWITCH ROLES!! (This was embarrassing) | Manny Ortiz]

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