DJI Unveils Foldable, Cheaper Osmo Mobile 3 Smartphone Gimbal

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DJI has unveiled the latest version of its Osmo Mobile smartphone stabilizer, taking its experience with high-end gimbals like the Ronin series and using that experience to make the 3-axis smartphone gimbal smaller, more portable, more user-friendly, and cheaper.

The Osmo Mobile 3 was built to be as travel-friendly as possible. With a folding design, a total weight of just 405g, and a “stand-by” mode that lets you use your smartphone on the folded gimbal, it’s that much easier to bring the Osmo Mobile 3 along.

Beyond its size and form factor, DJI also built in some useful new features. Quick Roll lets you switch from portrait to landscape orientation without having to remove and re-attach the phone, the redesigned form factor doesn’t block the charging and audio ports, and Sports Mode has been redesigned to help the Osmo Mobile 3 keep up with fast action.

Here are a couple of quick intro videos that show some of these features in action:

In addition to new features, you have access to all the old stand-bys like zoom control, the Ronin S-like trigger, timelapse mode, dolly zoom, Active Track 3.0 and more. You can even use gestures to begin recording or take a photo, just like you can with the DJI Spark drone.

By all accounts, the Osmo Mobile 3 seems to raise the bar for lightweight, ultra-portable smartphone gimbals, which is why the price surprised us. DJI is launching the Osmo Mobile 3 for just $119 (that’s $10 cheaper than the previous version) or $139 for the “Osmo Mobile 3 combo” that includes the Osmo Grip Tripod and the Osmo Carrying Case.

Head over to DJI’s website to learn more, or pick one up for yourself today.

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