Moment Launches New 37mm Filters and Filter Mount for Your Smartphone

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Moment just launched an exciting new product for smartphone photographers: a line of high-quality 37mm Cine filters and compatible filter mount that you can attach directly to your Moment smartphone case.

Previously, you could only use Moment’s filters on the company’s smartphone lenses, making it impossible to use a filter with your phone’s native wide or tele lenses. The new filters and filter mount changes this, allowing you to slap any screw-on 37mm ND or circular polarizing filter directly onto one of Moment’s smartphone cases.

As with all of Moment’s filters and lenses, the new 37mm ND and CPL filters use B270 cinema-quality glass and boast hydrophobic and scratch-resistant coatings. Plus, since they conform to the 37mm standard, you don’t even need to buy their filters: you can use the filter mount with any 37mm cine mount rings or filters you already own.

Here’s a quick intro and shooting demo that Moment put together to show off the new filters:

Today’s launch includes a rotatable circular polarizing filter (CPL), ND filters from ND4 through ND64, and a 37mm filter mount that connects to a Moment phone case on one side and lets you attach any 37mm filter on the other. The stainless steel filter mount will cost $10, the CPL filter costs $45, and the ND filters cost $35. Or you can pick up the whole filter set for $130.

No matter which filter you buy, they all come in a foam-lined CNC machined metal carrying case for protection.

If you’re interested in the new 37mm Cine filters or the filter mount, head over to the Moment website to learn more or order a set for yourself today. If you order within the next 72 hours, you’ll get 20% off any of the new filters or filter kits, so there’s a reason to move fast if you’re interested.

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