ON1 Unveils ON1 Photo RAW 2020, ON1 Video 2020, ON1 Sync and More

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ON1 let loose a barrage of announcements today as it prepares to release a new suite of software for 2020. In all, they announced two desktop apps, one smartphone app, and one service: ON1 Photo RAW 2020, ON1 Video 2020, ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 and ON1 Sync.

Details about each of these apps and services are a bit thin for now, but there’s a lot coming down the pike from ON1 over the next several months.

ON1 Photo RAW 2020

The major announcement is, of course, ON1 Photo RAW 2020: an update to the company’s photo organizer, raw processor and pixel editor that will be released this fall. The 2020 version of the application will include new AI-powered features called AI Match and AI Auto, four new Effects filters (Weather, Sun Flare, Color Balance, Channel Mixer), Custom Camera Profiles, improved noise reduction, a map view, a Print Module, and “significant speed and performance enhancements.”

The public beta of ON1 Photo RAW 2020 is slated to launch in mid-September, but details about the new features, a full release date and pricing will all be announced at a later date.

ON1 Photo Mobile 2020

Next up is a new ON1 Photo Mobile app for both iOS and Android, which will come with an integrated camera with “pro-level controls” and RAW image capture. ON1 promises to integrate photo editing tools from ON1 Photo RAW into the app, so you have advanced control over color, tone, enhancing shadows, removing distractions, and more. And if you take advantage of ON1 Sync (see below) you can seamlessly sync edits between the mobile app and its desktop companion.

ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 is scheduled to arrive in early 2020, no public beta here.

ON1 Video 2020

Joining the photo editing app is ON1 Video 2020: a video editing app “explicitly designed for the photographer.” ON1 calls this “a simple, yet robust video editor that removes the learning curve of other video editors,” complete with easy-to-use tools for trimming, enhancing, adding audio tracks, grading and sharing video clips. You’ll also be able to create time-lapses and slideshows, or pull high-quality still-frames.

A public beta of the app will launch mid-November, with the final release scheduled to arrive in “early 2020.”

ON1 Sync

Finally, ON1 also announced a service that pulls all three of the above apps together. It’s called ON1 Sync, and it promises to let you “view and edit photos on all your devices without requiring you to store them in the cloud or a closed system.” Take that Adobe. The service allows you to store your photos anywhere, access them from all your devices, and sync edits seamlessly.

Most importantly, ON1 promises to prioritize privacy, explaining that the service does not grant ON1 any rights or permissions over your content, including “[using] your photos for image analysis or any sort of marketing purposes.”

ON1 Sync will arrive as an optional service alongside ON1 Photo Mobile 2020 in “early 2020.”

To learn more about any of these apps, head over to the ON1 website.

So much of what ON1 announced today felt and sounded like a shot across Adobe’s bow. The press release went to great lengths to emphasize how ON1 puts photographers first, letting them choose how they store their images, edit their photography, and pay for their software. The additional emphasis on not having to store your images in the cloud to use their syncing service was yet another blow.

The question is, do any of the above options intrigue you? If you’re an ON1 Photo RAW user, let us know if you’re excited about the next iteration. If you’re not, let us know if today’s announcement makes you want to give ON1 a serious look.

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