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Over the years, we’ve featured many great photographers here on DIYP and we’ve heard plenty of great advice from them. At a recent Sony Kando trip, Taylor Jackson met 29 of his (and ours) favorite photographers and YouTubers. In this video, he brought them all together and had each of them share a piece of photography advice. So, he ended up with a valuable collection of tips for both aspiring and experienced photographers.

Taylor’s video features photographers like Manny Ortiz, Miguel Quiles, Irene Rudnyk, and Ed Gregory, to name just a few. And when it comes to the tips, they vary greatly: from camera settings to sharing your work and dealing with pressure. Miguel Quiles reminds us that light is everything, while Gerald Undone, Lee Zavitz and Pierre T. Lambert point out some “technical” details regarding the storage, camera settings, and batteries.

Here are all photographers featured in the video, in order of appearance:

  • Louis Cole – funforlouis
  • Evan Ranft
  • Miguel Quiles
  • Gerald Undone
  • Manny Ortiz
  • Lee Zavitz
  • Pierre T. Lambert
  • Irene Rudnyk
  • The Everyday Dad
  • iJustine
  • Jenna Ezarik
  • iPhonedo
  • Ed Gregory
  • Dave Krugman
  • Whitney Chamberlin
  • Erin Hogue
  • Nate Luebbe Natinthewild
  • Scott Robert Lim
  • Robert Evans
  • Mike Colón
  • Sara France
  • Dan Watson + Sally Watson – Learning Cameras
  • Chris Leung
  • Jeff Bottari
  • Rich Lam
  • Paul F. Gero
  • David Burnett

Some of these photographers are my favorite and I regularly watch their videos and learn from them. It’s pretty awesome to see them all in one video, sharing their knowledge and inspiring both newbies and professionals. So, make sure to watch the entire video for lots of inspiration, great tips, but also some funny jokes.

[29 Photography Tips 📸 From Photographers I Never Thought I’d Get To Meet via ISO 1200]

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