‘Life After Likes’: Event Recap

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At 500px we’re firm believers that photography is something you should do because you love it and that your success shouldn’t be measured by likes, comments, and algorithms. This vision inspired us to create ‘Life After Likes’. A panel series aimed at discussing how social media has changed today’s photography landscape.

Life After Likes: Falling back in love with photography focused on stories, challenges, and inspiration to encourage photographers not to lose sight of what drives them, and focus on the reason they fell in love with photography in the first place.

Our panel of 5 professional photographers shared their perspective on how social media has shaped their photography—for better or worse. For some, it has helped to propel their career, where others it’s led to challenges due to over-saturation in the market.

Watch a highlight of each panelist and their thoughts plus check out fun photos of the night below.

David Perry

Briony Douglas

Justin Boruta

Desiree Thomas

Jack Roy

Thank you to our sponsors Collective Arts and Fujifilm Printlife for helping make the night a success. And to our panelist; David Perry, Briony Douglas, Justin Boruta, Desiree Thomas and Jack Roy for sharing their stories.

Look out for more Life After Likes events coming to a city near you soon. Follow us on social to stay updated to see where we are headed next.

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