Budget Gear Guide: The Best Cheap Off-Camera Flash Set-Up

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When photographer Scott Choucino of TinHouse Studio first got into off-camera flash photography, he found himself struggling to find good info on putting together a solid affordable setup. That’s why he created this video: a beginner’s guide to his favorite super-cheap off-camera flash set-up.

The video is aimed at amateur photographers or natural light shooters who are looking to purchase their first flash, and the set-up he recommends includes a speedlight bundle with triggers, a light stand, an umbrella, and an umbrella bracket, all for about $100 total.

The main component of the setup is a budget-friendly Neewer NW565EX E-TTL flash, which can be purchased online for between $40 and $60 in a kit with a trigger and receiver for either Canon or Nikon. From there, he recommends picking up a $25 light stand (also Neewer), a $10 Anwenk umbrella bracket, and the affordable umbrella of your choice. If you’re not a fan of Neewer, you can look into other budget brands like Godox/Flashpoint or Yongnuo, but Choucino’s recommendation gets you a lot for your money.

Check out the full breakdown above to hear Choucino’s thoughts on the gear he’s recommending, why he trusts it for commercial work, and when he would recommend going for the expensive name-brand flashes from Canon or Nikon instead.

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