Spoiled rich brats are spending thousands to be featured on this Instagram account

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Some people are born with more money than sense. Other people know this and create apps, websites and apparently Instagram accounts which take advantage of this fact. Way back in 2008, an app appeared for iOS called I Am Rich which allowed people to pay $999 through the App Store and all it did was come up with a message declaring that you were rich.

These days, though, it’s easier to just exploit somebody else’s platform. In this case, Instagram. For a minimum payment of $1,000, the account golden_pricetag is offering to post your images to their account to show just how rich you are. And they post how much you’ve paid on their website, too. Just so you can brag to all your friends.

So far, four big spenders have had their photos featured on the account, although it totals up to a crazy $7,500 in income for the account’s owner. While the account has a minimum $1,000 spend to be featured, their website lists exactly how much each person has paid to have their particular photo posted.

$2,500 was paid to post the image above, according to the Golden Price Tag website. Two others have paid $1,000 each and one person paid a ridiculous $3,000 to be featured on the account. You’d think if they’re willing to spend $3,000 to have a photo posted on an account like this, they’d at least have got a decent photographer to shoot the image.

Knowing that the price you paid will be published on the Golden Price Tag website is a smart move, as none of these kids wants to appear cheap, so they’ll be trying to outdo each other with exactly how much superfluous money they have.

Of course, we only have the website’s word that this is what these people paid. They might not have gotten a penny for each of these photos and are just using this to make it look like spoiled rich brats are already handing over fistfuls of cash to make other spoiled rich brats do the same.

Nobody’s forcing these people to part with their money, and Instagram hasn’t weighed in to say if this is against their Terms of Service or not.

I don’t get it. But if this is what gets them off, then power to ’em. Personally, I have better things to waste my money on.

[via PetaPixel]

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