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The 500px community contains some of the most talented photographers in the world who push creative boundaries, explore the unknown, and evoke emotions in their viewers.

That’s why we created Quests—creative challenges designed to help 500px photographers test their skills, get recognized for their work, and win exciting prizes. But even more importantly, it’s a platform that encourages you to take risks and try out new concepts, rather than recycle old ideas that have worked in the past.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Quests are now available on the 500px app for both iOS and Android.

To help give you a better understanding of Quests, we asked our Product Manager, Ben, to share his thoughts on why Quests are an essential part of the 500px community.

Q: What are Quests?

A: Quests exist to help push photographers out of their comfort zone. As a photographer, it can be easy to be married to one style of photography, especially if you excel in that area. We see that in our community, and often the popular section on 500px is filled with the same type of content. Quests are meant to push our photographers to adapt to and stay on top of industry trends while still being creative and innovative.

Q: Why are Quests good for the 500px community?

A: Not only do Quests challenge photographers to test out new concepts and ideas, but they also give the community unique and exciting content to view and draw inspiration from. Quests allow us to leverage where the photography industry is headed and guide photographers in that direction. On top of that, the Quests we create are purposeful—so you’re creating content that is desired by buyers around the world, which means more sales.

Q: Why are Quests on mobile now?

A: We recognize mobile is where photography is headed. We want 500px to be your go-to destination for inspiration, and Quests are part of that. Quests on the app will allow you to have these challenges in your pocket wherever you are in the world. You’ll now be able to get inspired, take a photo, and submit immediately all from your phone!

Quests On Mobile

The Quest: Through your phone

To celebrate this anticipated launch, we have created a special Quest, Through your phone . We challenge you to capture the world around you via your mobile phone! Head on over to the Quest to learn more.

Don’t have the app yet? Download now for iOS or Android

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