This photographer turned an old watch into a wearable camera flash

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Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami has a true DIY spirit. He loves repurposing old and broken stuff and turning them into camera gadgets (or even into an actual camera). This time he combined a broken flash and an old watch and created a powerful, wearable camera flash.

Alireza used broken pieces of an old flash and connected it to his Olympus 35 RC rangefinder camera. He had to put the power supply and control in his pocket and connect the camera to the watch using two wires.

Here’s how it works:

And here are a few test shots Alireza made using a Rolleiflex 3.5F and the “watch flash:”

For now, this unique DIY flash only works with film cameras. However, the photographer notes that this is only an early version of the “flash watch,” and he is currently trying to figure out how to make the capacitor smaller. He is also working on removing the wires, and in this case, the wearable flash will also work with digital cameras.

I think that the analog wearable flash is pretty cool. Perhaps it can even be paired with the “camera watch” Alireza made earlier. Still, I am looking forward to seeing the wireless version, and I’m curious to learn what Alireza will make next. If you’re curious as well, make sure to follow him on Instagram and 500px to discover more of his photos and unique DIY projects.

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