NiSi Unveils the Switch Filter Holder for Rotating Two Filters Independently

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The Chinese filter and lens company NiSi has launched a new filter holder called the Switch. Like the Lee Filters Tandem Adapter, the NiSi switch lets you rotate two filters independently of each other.

The Switch is a lightweight (3.56oz/101g) 100mm aluminum-alloy filter holder that works with the 82mm main adapter found in NiSi V5/V6 series kits. It’s designed for photographers who need to have graduated ND filters positioned at different angles for complex lighting situations.

After inserting filters into the two slots, the filters can be rotated both together or independently from each other.

Users will have 360-degrees of rotation as well as a locking screw for fixing your filters in place when your desired look is achieved. NiSi also says that there’s no vignetting at 16mm when shooting with a full-frame camera.

“NiSi already offers round CPL/Landscape CPLs sized to be used with the 82mm adapter,” NiSi says. “Further, NiSi will also launch circular ND 3 stops/6stops/10stops/15stops which are of the same size as the CPL and which therefore can be used on the 82mm main adapter.

“This means that photographers can use this system in the following way: 2 Square filters+1 round filter something which again equals: 2 GNDS+CPL/ND or 1 GND+1 square ND+CPL.”

Photographer Ole Henrik Skjelstad recently tested the Switch in Norway’s Rondane National Park. Here was his setup:

Here are Skjelstad’s before-and-after shots from the shoot:

Without filters
With the filters
Without filters
With the filters

Here’s a short NiSi video introducing the Switch:

The NiSi Switch filter holder has a price tag of $99 and will be hitting store shelves soon.

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