Leaked photos show what Pixel 4’s “astrophotography mode” is capable of

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Just like the previous models, the upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone will be aimed at photographers. In a recently leaked promo video, we saw that it will feature a dedicated “astrophotography mode.” But now, there are some sample photos that show us what exactly Pixel 4 is capable of when shooting in the dark. And I have to admit, it looks promising.

The leaked photos were shared on 9to5Google and they seem to be the official promotional images for Pixel 4. They show that the improved Night Sight mode will be able to capture the starry sky and even the Milky Way. And for smartphone photos, this looks pretty impressive.

credits: 9to5Google

credits: 9to5Google

The official announcement of Pixel 4 is scheduled for 15 October, so this is when we’ll know more about the specs, price and availability. But in the meantime, you can check out some more sample photos on 9to5Google. It looks like the latest Google Pixel phone will follow the footsteps of the previous models, so I’m sure it will be appealing to photographers. Although, it will definitely need to have fewer glitches than the Pixel 3.

[via 9to5Googleimage credits: Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons, EvgeniT]]

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