Licensing Contributor Ernesto Perez and his colorful Miami yoga shoot

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Ernesto Perez is an Exclusive Licensing Contributor based in Venezuela, with over 300 images in his Licensing collection. He shoots a variety of content, from travel and documentary to vibrant lifestyle sessions.

Q: Your most recent shoot took you to Miami, was this spontaneous or planned?

A: Spontaneous, and it was amazing. I would say it was a wonderful surprise.

Q: You’ve incorporated a variety of vibrant and complementary colors within this shoot, how did you find this location?

A: I’m always thinking about images. One day while I was taking street photos, I saw the facade of the building, and I was hypnotized by the colors. Normally my photos don’t have that much color, however, I took the chance to do something different and expand my boundaries.

Young Woman Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Miami by Ernesto Pérez on

Q: How did you source your model, and did you plan her outfit around the colors within your location?

A: When I saw the place, I called her immediately and told her to wear something with bright colors. However, I am able to work with what I have on hand and make it work just fine. There is a beauty in not planning every single detail. In the end, you can surprise yourself with the results, and that was exactly what happened with these photos.

Young Woman Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Miami by Ernesto Pérez on

Q: Why a yoga shoot?

A: I love human anatomy, curves, forms, and movement.

Q: How did you plan for this shoot? Were there a series of shots or poses you were aiming to capture?

A: I was looking to create contrasts with colors and shapes. I wanted to incorporate the human figure with the palette, and create a story of how it feels to practice yoga.

Young Woman Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Miami by Ernesto Pérez on

Q: What did you find most challenging about this shoot?

A: It wasn’t the best hour when I went, there was a lot of light and I didn’t want shadows — just color—but I worked it out in the end.

Q: Where do you look to for inspiration when shooting this kind of content?

A: I don’t look for reference. I get inspired by the world, music, conversations, human contact, and then somehow, I can translate that into images. It is how my mind works. I try to create everything from my mind—I don’t care if I make mistakes. I love the feeling that whatever I create is mine.

Young Woman Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Miami by Ernesto Pérez on

Q: This series diverges from your typical documentary style photography; how do you feel this compares to what you typically shoot?

A: I think that my style is in all my shots, but this one is a little different. It was a challenge to get away from the hardness of my work and try to deliver something more colorful. Right now, I’m in a more colorful moment in my life and is reflected in my work.

Q: Will you be planning any more stylized shoots in the near future?

Young Woman Practicing Outdoor Yoga in Miami by Ernesto Pérez on

A: Yes. In fact, I already did some similar photoshoots, and I’m looking forward to continuing to explore this path.

Q: You have licensed quite a bit of content through 500px, do you have any tips for other photographers looking to license their content?

A: Once you understand how Licensing works, it is easy to think ahead and plan your next shoots a little better so you can sell your content correctly.

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