Four Subtle Lightroom Adjustments for Better Portraits


If you’re looking for a quick set of useful techniques that will help improve your portrait photography, this video from Tajreen Hedayet of Tajreen&Co is a great resource. In just four minutes she covers four subtle-but-impactful Lightroom adjustments that you can use to create more professional-looking portraits.

As Hedayet explains at the beginning of the video, these adjustments are meant to come at the end of your portrait editing workflow. So make your global adjustments first; then, once you’re happy with the results, apply these four adjustments to give your portraits that extra pop that will help them stand out from the crowd:

  1. Refine the Details – Use local adjustments to brighten your subject’s eyes and teeth, and adding clarity to their eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.
  2. Add Glow – Add some “glow” by lowering the overall Highlight slider and bumping up the Lights in the Tone Curve to compensate.
  3. Dial in Skintones – Use the HSL panel to lower the Saturation and Luminance of your skintones, helping to “appear as rich and natural as possible.”
  4. Smoothing Skin – Use a local adjustment brush with decreased clarity and increased sharpness to gently smooth your subject’s skin.

As with any post-processing, these edits can be overdone, so make sure you watch the video above to get Hedayet’s specific settings and advice. You can watch her use these edits on actual client portraits to create a subtle-but-impactful pop to her images, making them look that much more “pro.”

Check out the video to see these adjustments in action, and then head over to the relatively new Tajreen&Co YouTube channel for more helpful tips, vlogs, inspirational posts, and other great photography content like this.

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