Flickr Triples Display Size of Pro Photos to 6K

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Flickr has announced that it’s tripling the maximum display size for Pro members’ photos, increasing it from 2048 pixels on the long end to 6144 pixels, or 6K resolution.

Tripling the long edge is a huge increase in resolution — a photo that was displayed at a resolution of 3 megapixels before (e.g. 2048×1534) will now be shown at around 28 megapixels (6144×4602) for large, high-resolution displays.

“We’re tripling our maximum display size for Flickr Pros up to 6K so you can show your photos off in all their pixel perfect glory,” writes Flickr “product guy” Casey Bisson in the Flickr forums. “Now you’ll be able to show off every single detail perfectly on the latest monitors and displays.”

Here are some example photos you can click through and enjoy in their full glory (if you have a worthy display):

Baikal sunset

A pine, a birch and a mountain

Xiamen * 2

Phidippus Jumper I


The new display size is available to all Flickr Pro subscribers now, and your photo will be shown in the new resolution as long as you uploaded it in at least 6K. The display size for free Flickr users remains unchanged at 2K.

“We love big, beautiful photos on Flickr and hope you’ll always choose to share them at the largest size we support,” Bisson says. “But of course, your specified preferences will always be respected: you can set the maximum display size in your account, as well as control who can download photos.”

Image credits: Header illustration features photo by Aleksandr Guzevatov

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