A 19-year-old robs photographer at gunpoint during photo shoot

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During a photo shoot in downtown Austin, Texas, a 19-year-old man reportedly assaulted a photographer and robbed her at gunpoint. The reason? He was allegedly unhappy with the photos she was taking of him and his rap group.

A local news station KXAN reports that the man, identified as Jayden Cornell Green, approached the unnamed photographer asking her for a photo shoot. He wanted her to photograph him and his rap group Honcho Gang. They reportedly agreed to meet in Austin and she met them at the Gulf Station at 717 East 7th Street. But then, the men reportedly started to complain about the photos she was taking. This is where it got serious.

According to the warrant, the men demanded that she handed over the camera to a member of the group “who knew how to take photos.” The woman then grabbed the lens, fearing that she might get robbed. “Green put the camera around another man’s neck, and one of the group members reportedly handed him a black semi-automatic handgun, which he placed inside his jacket.

At this point, the photographer was still holding onto her camera, and this is when she got attacked. She says that Green punched her and told her: “Let go of the f****** camera you stupid d*** b****.” And then, he reportedly pointed the gun at her saying: “Let go of the camera before I blast you.”

The photographer did let go, and the group left with the camera, KXAN writes. The victim drove home and called the police. Police officers conducted a social media search and identified Green as the man who attacked the photographer. They have issued a warrant for his arrest, and he is charged for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Sadly, this isn’t the only dark story that happened in the same month. On 12 September, a photographer was shot nine times, also by teenagers. On 2 September, two reckless teenagers were taken into custody for reportedly being involved in a photographer’s death.

[vi PetaPixel, KXAN]

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