How to Make a DIY Wood Photography Backdrop


Want a tabletop wooden backdrop you can use for photographing everything from products to babies? Here’s a 10.5-minute video by Erik Tande of DIY done wrong showing how you can make your own for basically zero cost.

Tande notes that people who replace their fences often give away the old fencing for free — do a search on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and you should be able to find some near you.

Once you get your hands on some nice fence wood (Tande found some nice old cedar), all you need is some 2x4s for support, something to cut the wood (Tande uses a miter saw but you could use a simple handsaw), wood glue, and some screws.

Depending on how big of a backdrop you build, the result can be quite versatile for your photography. Here are some example photos Tande shot using his:

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