Celebrating 10 Years of Photography: Explore the unknown

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At 500px, it’s clear that our photographers are not afraid to go beyond the beaten path. We’re constantly in awe when we see the depths you go to in order to get the perfect shot.

For this edition of Celebrating 10 Years of Photography with 10 Things We Love About You”, we’re showcasing content that truly explores the unknown. From mountain tops to the bottom of the ocean to places like Antarctica and Phi Phi Leh Island check out this roundup of photographs showcasing some of the most remote places on earth.

The Rock by David Merron on 500px.com

Underwater Smiles by Jason McDonald on 500px.com

Tourist in desert by Jaromír Chalabala on 500px.com

Rice fields by Saravut Whanset on 500px.com

Highway by Alin Suciu on 500px.com

Camel by Panom Bounak on 500px.com

Illuminated Boat Procession by Saravut Whanset on 500px.com

The Following by Benjamin van der Spek on 500px.com

????? Entrance to Motuo by george gu on 500px.com

The Sunken Cross by Mike Corey on 500px.com

iceberg in a cloudy day by Chavalit Likitratcharoen on 500px.com

The Lost World by Janne Kahila on 500px.com

Buddha statue and milky way by Vithun Khamsong on 500px.com

Hang Son Doong skyhole by john spies on 500px.com

Beautiful Rice Terraces, South East Asia,Yenbai,Vietnam by Jakkree Thampitakkul on 500px.com

Baobab Alley sunset by Dennis van de Water on 500px.com

Guess who's back ... ? by Stefan Follows on 500px.com

Sun Bathing :the Greenlandic Way by Nicole Cambré on 500px.com

Tongariki by Sean Bagshaw on 500px.com

The Most Stronger Horses by Teh Han Lin on 500px.com

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