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Announced last week, the Rode NTG5 is the newest shotgun microphone from Rode. It’s an ultra-light short shotgun broadcast microphone designed for use on location. It offers a very unique design from Rode’s previous microphones, with an optimised pickup pattern and frequency response to offer the most directional and faithful recording possible.

We stopped by the Rode stand at PhotoPlus 2019 to find out more about the new NTG5 microphone and the advantages it offers to filmmakers and other creatives who need good audio.

The NTG5 offers a flatter recording than Rode’s previous shotgun microphones which can sound a little bassy at times. The goal with the NTG5 was to create as faithful a recording as possible of exactly what it’s “hearing” to offer more versatility in post. It sits in Rode’s top range along with the NTG3 shotgun microphone and the NTG8 long shotgun microphone.

As a location microphone, it’s been built to withstand hot and cold weather extremes and is also rain and humidity-resistant to ensure it keeps working where other microphones might fail. The circuit board inside the microphone is also completely waterproofed with a conformal coating.

Weighing in at a mere 76g, the NTG5 is a very lightweight microphone thanks to its aluminium construction. This means it’s easy to travel with, but also that it’s going to be much easier on the arms of your boom operator. On the end of a 12ft pole, small differences in microphone weight are multiplied and heavier microphones can result in very tired and grumpy boom operators at the end of a long day. So, having as little weight on the end of that pole as possible is important.

The Rode NTG5 comes with the P2G-R pistol grip and P2G-R Pro microphone cable, the Rode WS10 windshield, a foam cover, mic stand holder and a zip-up case.

Rode is now shipping out the NTG5 to suppliers around the world and is available to pre-order now for $499.

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