Announcing the winners of our “Celebrating 10 Years of Photography” Quest

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From the evolution of the smartphone to the rise of social media, it’s safe to say the photography landscape has changed over the last decade—and so have we. However, despite all of the industry changes, we continue to stay true to our roots and photography remains at the core of everything we do.

Throughout the last 10 years we’ve watched as you, our community, have flourished. Your love for photography is undeniable. From global photowalks to workshops to Quests, it’s been amazing to see the community come together and share a passion for the art of photography.

In honor of this 10 year milestone, we decided to celebrate our birthday with a ‘Celebrating 10 Years of Photography’ Quest. You were encouraged to submit your best photo taken in the last 10 years, and we were blown away by the submissions we received. With over 20,000 photos submitted from all over the world, picking the winners was no easy task. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate 10 years. Your stories left us truly inspired and reminded us why we do what we do here at 500px.

Congratulations to all 1000 winners! Check out the top 3 winning photos, as well as a roundup of some of our favorite submissions below.

First Place

Scenes From A Memory - Writer`s Block (1980s) by Maxim  Guselnikov on

Scenes From A Memory – Writer`s Block (1980s) by Maxim Guselnikov
“This is my best photo because with this particular shooting I`ve reached my desired level of storytelling in environmental portraiture. Also I`ve stopped my own creative crysis and got over 10+ months of dull shootings. It helped me to recover and get my feet back to the ground. That was the reason I`ve chose creative crysis (or writer`s block) as main theme of that shoot.”

Second Place

P I N K by Eden Briand on

P I N K by Eden Briand
“Truth is, I didn’t plan on having the lady featured in the frame. I didn’t actually plan the photo, I was walking with my camera when I noticed I was standing at the perfect angle right below this random hotel on the promenade. But a fraction of a second after I raised my head, I noticed this pink-haired lady casually standing on her balcony. I had to snap that frame.
The perfect lighting, the angle and the spontaneity of this frame are the reason I think this may be one of my best works yet.”

Third Place

Sun is down by Denis - on

Sun is down by Denis
“I think this is my best picture because it was the perfect day where everything come together: the weather, the light, the location, the sky… everything was perfect and I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. I returned some times at this location after and I never had such great conditions.”

500px Favourites

Rhythm by Khalid Ahmed on

Lazy Lioness by Charalampos Beslemes on

Follow the leader PrinceEleazer QI by Buddy Eleazer on

A Tired Memory by Jasem Khlef on

unexpected happiness by Inna Mosina on

Blue Stone-pit of Soignies... by Fabien Burgue on

Trekking Riflessivo by Claudio Polesel on

Portrait of a bird by Krystian Pawlowski on

Smell me by Monte Pi on

Rainy infinite mind by Frank Waterkotte on

Apache Finale by Matt Perrins on

Triathletes Start the Swim at the Super Sprint in Milwaukee. by Rich Cruse on

You can see more of our favorite submission here!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photo. We’re so honoured to be surrounded by such a talented community.

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