21 Small Items that Can Save Your Next Photo Shoot

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Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles has put together an incredibly useful video that reveals the contents of his personal ‘Mig’Gyver Kit: a set of 21 items that could save your butt during your next portrait session.

We have to admit, when Quiles first sent the video in, we half-expected your standard “don’t forget extra batteries” tips that we’ve seen a thousand times before. What we got instead was a list of random items that could legitimately save your photo shoot… or at least save you hours of time fixing things in post.

We won’t give away the farm, but here are just a few of the handy items Quiles includes in his kit:

  • A Leatherman multi-tool
  • A travel-size lint roller
  • Eye drops
  • Safety pins
  • A personal groomer
  • Chapstick
  • Floss picks
  • And lots more

It’s a genuinely useful kit that Quiles tells us he compiled over the course of “8 years and thousands of photo shoots where I needed some of the items and didn’t have them handy.”

Check out the video up top to see the full list of 21 items, and then feel free to drop your own “secret weapon” into the comments. These items are primarily for portrait photographers, so we’re sure the landscapers, macro photographers, product shooters, etc. have their own specialized, assortment.

Image credits: Photo by Miguel Quiles and used with permission.

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