Canon patent shows a “vacuum cleaner” lens that sucks the dust off your sensor

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Here’s a fun patent from Canon – a lens that sucks. And I mean this quite literally. This lens incorporates a mini vacuum cleaner that cleans your camera sensor from dust.

Canon patent application 2019-191432 shows this interesting lens design. As we all know, our sensors collect dust particles over time as we change lenses. If there are too large particles, they interfere with your photos. With this patent, Canon wants to solve this problem and let you remove large dust particles without having to remove the lens and clean the sensor.

Basically, this lens has an airflow circuit around the optical elements. It pulls air from the outside, it hits the sensor, and dust gets sucked away and flows out. In other words, this airflow creates a negative pressure around the image sensor. This way dust and other particles don’t stick to the sensor.

If you think you saw this before, that’s because you did. A few years ago, Fujin Mark II was introduced, and it’s a “lens” that’s actually a vacuum cleaner for your sensor. However, from what I can understand, Canon wants to bring the “vacuum cleaner” and the lens together. So it will be like the Fujin Mark II on steroids. If it ever gets produced, though.

[via Canon Watch]

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