Behind the Scenes: How to Shoot a Nude Self-Portrait with Benjamin Von Wong (SFW)

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Snapchat might have cornered the nude selfie market, but when it comes to nude self-portraits (there’s definitely a difference), 500px photographer Benjamin Von Wong‘s foray into the genre is way better than any of the self-destructing messages being sent around this week.

Back in 2012, Ben put up a status on his Facebook page that said, “If I hit 10,000 fans I will…” He then let his fans fill in the blank, and said he’d do his best to follow through on the top-rated comment.

Well, Von Wong fans must be similar in some respects to the 500px fans who shared our Top 10 Nudes of 2014 (NSFW link) post like wildfire, because the winning comment was “Take a provocative self-nude shoot.” And so… he did!

Below you’ll find his behind the scenes video complete with stop-motion of him posing this way and that, and a sped up screenvideo of the minor post-processing he did on the portrait:

Capturing the photo was pretty simple. He just set up the camera and had it take shot after shot while he switched between sexy poses in the doorway.

As for the post-processed (20 minutes in total), Ben describes what he did in a post on his blog:

For those that are curious about the post-processing I simply went for a desaturated look through Lightroom and then proceeded doing general cleanup in Photoshop CS6 by removing distracting lines and Bokeh with the healing/clone brush.

The final steps for those who didn’t catch it were the High Pass filter to sharpen the image and curves to add that blueish tint to the image.

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The final photograph:

To see more of Ben’s work, be sure to check out his 500px profile and some of his previous features on the ISO blog. Then, for even more behind the scenes goodness, visit his website and blog or give him a follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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