How to Create Killer Match Cuts like Daniel DeArco


Creative consultant and talented videographer Daniel DeArco is one of the best there is at creating impressive transitions from shot-to-shot in his videos. In his latest video, he’ll take you behind the scenes to show you exactly how he created one of the coolest cuts in his recent empathy video.

The video is all about “match cuts,” and while this technique might require quite a bit of thoughtful planning before you go out and shoot, DeArco explains that it’s “honestly nothing special” when it comes to putting these transitions together in post production.

First things first: a match cut is “when you use the texture, shape or composition from one video to transition into a subsequent one.” DeArco shared a few examples on his Instagram, which he also included in the video above. Done well, a match cut looks something like this:

After explaining the basics, DeArco goes on to show you how he created one of the coolest shots (in our humble opinion) from his recent video on how empathy can transform your work and help you connect with clients. It’s a few-second shot of something simple—unlocking a door—but by using two match cuts he creates something engaging that pulls you in.

Getting the shots required took some thoughtful planning—and in this case, some actual fabricating of props—but the actual shots themselves are less than a second long and nothing “special” at all. A key approaching a lock, a swinging shot to change perspective on the key, and a key entering the lock—but put them together, and you get this:

Check out the video up top to find out more about match cuts and follow along as DeArco creates and captures each of the three shots he needs. Then check back in tomorrow for Part 2, where he’ll show us how to put them all together in post.

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