This crowdsourced NYC hyperlapse was made from 1,272 photos found on Instagram

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We’re getting to a point where it feels like just about everywhere on earth has been photographed from every angle. And then posted to Instagram. That certainly seems to be becoming true for New York City, at least. And while we may feel like all photos start to look kind of the same, there are slight differences between each of the images.

These differences have allowed people like art director, Sam Morrison to create this 57-second Hyperlapse through NYC made entirely from 1,272 crowdsourced photos he found on Instagram.

It’s a very interesting project, with a pretty cool final result. While it’s obviously not the same result as going out and shooting your own hyperlapse image sequence, it does show just how close to each other many of the images we post to social media are. And it shows just how much coverage a city like New York gets from all angles.

What happens when everything in the world has been photographed? From multiple angles, multiple times per day? Eventually we’ll piece those photos and videos together to be able to see the entire history of a location from every possible angle.

– Sam Morrison

According to comments on an Instagram post, more than 200 hours were put into creating this video, having sifted through location tags and hashtags on Instagram manually. It was then edited together and hand-animated in After Effects. Sam said that he’s not sure whether shooting the images himself or crowdsourcing them would have actually been more time-consuming.

It’s pretty amazing that the city has been shot from so many angles that something like this is even possible. I wonder if we’ll start to see more projects like this popping up from other parts of the world. You can see more of Sam’s work on his website.

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