Photos of Red Pandas Slacking Off That Are Really Cute

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Cute Red pandas are really really cute. We’ve rounded up the most adorable and photogenic red pandas you can waste your time with. Actually, we can learn a thing or two about unwinding from these furry creatures. As you can see below, most of their day is devoted to sleeping, food trippin’ on bamboo, napping, climbing trees, being lazy, playing—did we already say, sleeping? How they manage to look cute while slacking off is kind of ridiculous, but that’s what we  love about these cat-sized, baby-bear-faced critters.

Scroll down! (And you’re welcome.)

On a serious note, here is  one alarming fact to keep in mind: Only fewer than 10,000 adult red pandas remain today. They are a threatened species because of habitat loss. You can learn more about them and how you can help here.

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