CamRanger 2 Brings New Support and Features for Wireless Camera Control

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CamRanger, the company that helped to pioneer wirelessly controlling DSLRs with smartphones back in 2012, is now shipping the new and improved CamRanger 2. It’s a successor to an award-winning product that brings more support and more features.

While the original CamRanger was built for Canon and Nikon DSLRs, the CamRanger 2 supports Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras as well. Here’s a full list of supported camera models.

The new device is larger in all dimensions (4.2×2.7×1.2″/5.6oz vs. 3.9×2.4×0.7″/4.2oz), but with the increased size and weight comes a new and improved list of features.

There’s a new 1/4 20″ standard tripod screw mount for multiple camera attachment options, and the device now has SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card compatibility.

Mounted with the hotshoe mount.
Mounted with the optional $16 mounting clamp.

The rechargeable battery inside has been upped from 1800mAh to 3300mAh, though battery life is slightly shorter (~5hrs instead of ~6hrs).

CamRanger 2 supports 5Ghz wireless networking in addition to the 2.4Ghz of the original, and range has been doubled from 250 feet to 500 feet (152m).

There’s a new “quick RAW” viewing mode the uses an embedded JPEG for faster image reviewing. Other new features include advanced image rating, video viewing/downloading, saving images to an inserted SD card, viewing recently viewed images without being connected to CamRanger, editing/cropping photos, and more.

Here’s a PDF that compares the features and specs of the new CamRanger 2 with the original CamRanger and the CamRanger mini:

Here’s a 4.5-minute video introducing the new CamRanger 2:

The CamRanger 2 is available for $350 from the CamRanger website.

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