Ektachrome 120 and 4×5 formats will be available in the next ten days, Kodak confirms

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In early 2019, Kodak announced the comeback of Ektachrome 120 roll film and large format sheet film. After keeping us waiting for almost a year, it seems that we’re now only days away from the official launch. According to Kodak, the Ektachrome 120mm and 4×5 film will be available to order worldwide within the next ten days.

Kodak Professional shared the exciting news in a tweet, stating that “a new 120 format 5-roll propack and a new 10 sheet 4×5 box” are coming within the next ten days. Kodak Alaris Japan also published the news in a press release that can be found on the company’s website.

To remind you, Kodak brought Ektachrome 35mm film back to the market in September 2018, a year after the announcement. Shortly after the launch, we were able to see the first photos shot on the resurrected film. The 120 roll film and the 4×5 film were also announced quite a while ago, in January this year. Then, the company ran “a coating trial” this summer. Finally, almost a year after the announcement, it looks like the larger formats of Ektachrome are finally coming to the shelves.

There’s still no word on the price or the exact launch date. But of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

[via DPReview]

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