This is why you should keep a safe distance when shooting action sports

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When shooting action sports or car races, there’s always a risk that someone will get hurt. As a photographer or filmmaker, that’s the risk you have to take. But as this video shows, sometimes an accident can be prevented if you only keep a safe distance from the subject.

The video was posted to Instagram by cinematogr. It doesn’t provide any context, but it shows a situation that will make most of us almost feel this cameraman’s pain:

It looks like the cyclist lost control over the bicycle and smashed into the cameraman. But if the cameraman didn’t try to get closer as the cyclist rode towards him, I believe that the clash could have been avoided. But oh well, at least he got the shot.

Let this video be a reminder to take everything into account. Always have the risk in mind, rely on your common sense, and do everything you can to safely shoot action sports and avoid accidents.

[via cinematogr]

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