8 Things About the New Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 That You May Have Missed

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Today’s Canon announcements came fast and furious, with two full-frame cameras, four RF mount lenses, two teleconverters, and a printer all being announced at the same time. Fortunately, our friends at DPReview TV have put together a helpful video that goes over 8 things you might have missed about the new EOS R5 and EOS R6 while you were trying to process all the news.

In a rush to share all of the most headline-grabbing specs baked into its new full-frame mirrorless cameras, Canon glossed over some important features and quirks that you should know about. That’s why Chris and Jordan put together this video based on a deeper dive into the spec sheet, and their own experience with a pre-production EOS R5 and full production EOS R6.

In summary, the 8 points they cover in the video above are:

  1. Battery Life: CIPA battery rating and how the new 120Hz EVFs affect battery life.
  2. IBIS Performance: The in-body stabilization performs well for both stills and video.
  3. Design: There are some key differences between the top plate on the EOS R5 and EOS R6.
  4. Video Crop: The EOS R6 does have a very slight (1.07x) crop when shooting 4K.
  5. New AF System: Chris and Jordan share their hands-on experience with the new-and-improved Dual Pixel AF II
  6. Video Compression: The EOS R6 only gives you IPB video compression, no ALL-I
  7. Dual Pixel RAW: This special RAW mode on the EOS R5 actually lets you change the background clarity and “relight” portraits.
  8. HDMI Ports: Both the R5 and R6 feature micro HDMI ports… which is even smaller and worse than mini HDMI

Check out the full video up top to dive into each of these points in a bit more detail and see some of the features and menu items for yourself. It’ll take a while to unpack everything that Canon has put into their new mirrorless flagship and its little sibling, so expect more and deeper dives into the cameras and their performance as full-production review units start going out.

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