Adobe Supercharged ‘Select Subject’ in the Latest Photoshop Update


Unmesh Dinda over at PiXImperfect recently took the latest update of Photoshop for a spin, and he was blown away by the improvement to ‘Select Subject.’ This AI-powered selection tool was always okay as a baseline, but now it’s gotten so good that Dinda isn’t sure he’ll be using the Pen tool at all anymore.

The video isn’t exactly a torture test—the photos used are generally a simple subject against a flat background—but the detail with which Select Subject was able to cut out complex hair in particular is undeniably impressive.

This, combined with the tool’s ability to address sharp edges with extreme precision, makes the Select Subject an easy replacement to painstaking cut-outs using the Pen Tool. Here’s a before and after that shows how the new version of Select Subject (right) compares with the old version (left):

But the video isn’t just about showing off this improvement. Once Dinda is finished demonstrating the new Select Subject tool, he shares a “simple and straightforward masking workflow” that combines the power of ‘Select Subject’ with ‘Select and Mask,’ taking advantage of the new AI tool’s capabilities to make replacing backgrounds that much easier.

Check out the full video up top to see the new-and-improved tool in action, or pop open Photoshop at home and try it for yourself (assuming you’ve updated to the latest version). And if you want to check out more useful Photoshop tutorials like this one, definitely give the PiXImperfect channel a visit.

(via Fstoppers)

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