Canon Will ‘Likely’ Add IBIS to EOS M Lineup; M50 Mark II Coming in 2020

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With all of the focus on the RF-mount and the debut of the EOS R5 and EOS R6, it’s easy to assume that Canon has given up on the EOS M lineup. But according to the most recent reports, that’s not true. Canon’s in it “for the long haul,” with new features and at least one new camera planned for late 2020.

According to multiple reports by Canon Rumors, the world’s largest camera company is committed to the EOS M system “for the long haul,” and plans to improve on its APS-C mirrorless offerings by adding features like IBIS to “one or two” EOS M cameras.

Which EOS M cameras those would be is still unclear, but Canon Rumors has already reported that the EOS M50 Mark II will arrive sometime in late 2020, with a “flagship” EOS M camera possibly following after that. The EOS M50 has been Canon’s best selling ILC, and rumors indicate that the company is planning a major upgrade for the camera… IBIS would certainly qualify as a “major” improvement.

That’s all we know for now, but if you were worried about the EOS M system or wondering if Canon would be releasing RF-mount APS-C cameras instead, it seems the answer is no. There are still rumors floating around that an RF-mount APS-C camera is under consideration, but even if that camera does materialize, it seems the EOS M mount isn’t going away any time soon.

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